Local Gun Shop vs. The Mart

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I live in a smaller city with only a handful of local gun shops. Most have virtually no inventory. One I will never step foot in again (*). The larger shop that is well staffed, good inventory and year round range has frustrated me a couple of times. Wondering if it is common for local gun shops or just the way they choose to do business.

Was in a week ago shopping for a 22. They had a Ruger 10/22 Takedown in stock and I spent some time looking at it as well as a few other 22’s they had in stock. Left to do some research online and went back a few days later after I made my decision to buy it. The 10/22 they had in stock was sold, they did not know when they would get another one in. I asked if they could call me when another arrived at their store so I could come in and buy it. Their response was they do not know when it is coming in and I should just call to see if they have any in stock. No interest in taking my name and number to call me for what was basically a guaranteed sale.

So just like when I was shopping for a shotgun a couple of months ago, I left the store and drove two miles. Walked into Gander Mountain and a half hour later am the new owner of the rifle I wanted to buy from a local business. Also saw one in stock at ****’s sporting goods too the same day.

Is this just the shops own misguided policy from having people wanting to reserve a gun and then never purchase it? Do the dealers/manufacturers just jack over the local gun shops? I really like supporting local business but am not going to call every day to see if the UPS man brings them what I am looking for.

(*) When I took a handgun in for service, the smith comes out of the back and picks up my gun off the counter to look at it, then he sweeps the barrel across the entire shop without first checking to see the gun was unloaded.

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