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There are many individuals throughout the United States of America who actively use their right to bear arms.  With the implementation of a federal firearms license individuals are provided with the opportunity to partake in a variety of different weapon and ammunition activities such as manufacturing and selling.  There are a wide variety of different firearms licenses available for individuals ranging from ones that allow you to manufacture to ones that simply allow you to sell them. 

When you first apply for your FFL you will have to fill out a variety of different forms and include an abundance of personal information about yourself and they are called the conditions of application.  Some of these conditions include: being over the age of 21, no previous violations of the Gun Control Act, the individual has sufficiently filled out the application without missing any information, and there is a viable reason as to why the individual wishes to conduct business.  Alongside those minor conditions there are a variety of other terms that must be met by the individual who is filing for their FFL license.

Prior to submitting your application it is also prevalent that you become aware of the costs that are associated with signing up for your FFL.  Depending on the type of license that you wish to acquire, the prices vary and they last for a specific amount of years.  As an example, an individual who is looking to become a firearms manufacturer will have to pay $150.00 for three years time with a $150.00 renewal fee every three years.  Whereas if someone is looking to become a collector of firearms they will have to pay $30.00 every three years with a renewal fee of $30.00.  The more serious that the license is, the more money the application fee will be.

As previously mentioned there are a wide variety of different licenses available for individuals to acquire.  With licenses ranging from Type 1 to Type 11 there are an ample amount of conditions that are to be fulfilled with each type.  As an example, an individual who is looking to acquire a Type 1 license will be able to deal firearms but they are not allowed to deal with destructive devices.  Whereas with the Type 11 license the individual will be permitted to import and deal with all different types of destructive devices.

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